Latina: I don't care what a guy says, I'm not gonna let him piss on me. –Vesey Street & Broadway Overheard by: Sam Giggling four-year-old boy: Yeah, and there was a sign and it said, "Caution: someone peed here!" –Waverly & W 11th Bimbo: And he was like, "Sarah, you pissed the bed" and I was like, "Whaaaaat?" and he was like, "Sarah, get up, you pissed the fucking bed!" –Theater District Overheard by: Paul Girl on cell: Alright, fine, but if you pee on me again, we're done! –C Train Overheard by: Laura Guy, in disbelief: You mean you've never been pissed on before?! –14th & Broadway Overheard by: Josh Girl: Would it be considered indecent exposure if I peed in the sink? –Lyceum Theatre Girl to friend: Her?! She totally splashes her urine. –34th & 8th Overheard by: Ellen