50-year-old female crackhead hobo chasing a 30-year-old male post office worker: Why won't you fuck me? Come fuck me! Are you too scared to fuck me?! –50th St & 5th Ave Man talking to stranger outside peep show: No, no, no. This is a peep show. If you want to fuck someone, you have to go somewhere else. –8th Ave, Midtown Horny NYU hipster: I haven't had sex in 3 months! If I were a heroin addict I'd have been clean for 2 months already! –NYU Loud middle-aged woman on cell: And I was like, "Don't worry, lady, I'm not getting any action!" –Stuyvesant Town Overheard by: the libbernator Old man to old lady: No, I will not bonk you! –Avenue J & E 12 St, Brooklyn Overheard by: Robert