Crazy hobo: Taco Bell is outta meat. Taco Bell… Is outta meat. I ask for a taco, they say, "We outta meat." What the fuck!? How you run outta meat at Taco Bell? You don't see me runnin' outta weed! Shit. Taco Bell is outta meat. –Wendy's, 14th Street Overheard by: Zack Curious teenage girl: What is that on the floor? Ew! I hate when people leave bags of meat on the subway! –R Train Jewish lawyer, answering his desk phone: Weinstein's house of kosher pork. How may I direct your call? –Newsroom, Midtown Preppy teen: I am like, a total whore for salami. –280th St, Brooklyn Overheard by: casayoto Woman on cell talking about her upcoming weekend: Mah husband's gone, my kids is gone, I'm jus' goin' lie on the floor and eat some baloney. Mmm hmm. (pauses, listens to person on phone) Das' right. I'm gonna eat some baloney, and some cheese?-I'm goin' make myself a baloney sandwich. –4th St Station Overheard by: Jess