Man on phone: So you know that guy whose mouth I farted in? He was totally at the bar last night. –4th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: not that guy Hobo to his dog: Was that you who farted or me? Because I think it was you. –67th & Amsterdam NYU kid on cell: No, no, dude! You're not hearing me! I'm telling you that we were playing the game "I never" and the question was "I've never farted in an elevator" …yeah! I know! But here's the thing, dude! She claimed she'd never farted! (laughs) Nooo, dude! You heard me right: Never ever. And I gotta tell you, bro: it's creepin' me out! –La Guardia b/w Bleecker & Houston Overheard by: Elevator Bomb Dropper Jealous guy: I hope her boyfriend farts in her face and she gets pink eye. –L Train Woman on cell: Now, honey, tell the truth. Did you fart on Santa's lap? –Brooklyn Heights Overheard by: Mike N