Chick on cell: Yeah, I'm like a hardcore rollerblader now. I just haven't learned how to stop yet. –44th & 3rd Steroid Freak: So I was hanging from his torso and then we tried to insert the triangle… –25th & Lexington Young man to friend: He likes me, he likes my style… he wants me to contort my limbs on a float. –Union Square Overheard by: Eyeteeth Bored teenage girl (from 2nd story window): Hello, Mr Runner man! You've got a long way to go! I see you across the street there, wearing all black. These are words of encouragement! I support your acts of fitness! –Vanderbilt & Bergen Overheard by: Jilly Female power-walker with cigarette: I used to be able to make a mile in under 7, but that was, you know, way back in college, before the job and the (runs out of breath) …way back. –Prospect Park Loop Overheard by: EmLo