Girl: …well it stopped working 'cause it got cum in it. –W 27th St Chick: I'm starving. The only protein I've had all day is an accidental cum shot to the face earlier this morning. –SoHo Guy to friends: If y'all was to really write it down and make a… a food chain of all of who used to date who, and who's dating who now, I bet you y'all got all the same juices running up in y'all system. –2 Train Overheard by: Kosi Passing guy on cell: All I'm saying is everyone should have control over where their sperm goes. –7th Ave Hoochie on cell : Because I manage to get very juicy. –L Train Drunk girl at restaurant holding a champagne bottle: Excuse me, sir, can you open this for me? I'm afraid it's going to cum everywhere. –Kaleidoscope, E 10th St College dude: I bet there's semen somewhere on this grass. –Great Lawn, Central Park Overheard by: Liz