Man: So I was making out with my ex girlfriend on the bridge and out of nowhere this dog runs over and starts humping my leg… –Uptown 1 Train Dude outside bar: All dogs are gay. –7th Avenue, Park Slope Overheard by: The Katie Black man arguing with kiosk man: Yo, he ain't my son, he's my dog! –6th Street Middle-aged woman walking her dog to passersby: I'm a dog! I don't know why none of you believe me! I talk to my dog. Humans don't talk to animals, animals talk to animals! I'm not human! And until you people realize that, you're going to keep having problems with me! –9th St & University Place Overheard by: Katie Drunk guy to girls walking puppy: Hey giiirl. Watch yo dawg. Giiirl! Watch yo dog… Cuz I might bite! –Staten Island Boardwalk Overheard by: Izzy (teacher's cell rings)
Teacher: I have a feeling I have to answer this. It's very important. It's about my puppy. –Stuyvesant High School Overheard by: student