Guy on cell: What does you caring about me have to do with me at some club with "hypothetical" naked chicks? –42nd & Lexington Guy yelling across street to girl on phone: Tell her I waited naked on the bed all night but she never came! –Washington Square Suit to another: It's so weird because there are so many people at the office who you'd never think to picture naked… Like Marcy: you'd never picture her naked. Alex: you'd never picture him naked. Derek: I've never pictured him naked. –F Train Overheard by: EmLo Guy, to two women: I was like, "You're lying on top of me. We're naked. When does this get fun?" –Philosophy Building, Columbia University Overheard by: Ladle (girl is wearing small, tight, mini-skirt and talking to a group of boys)
Girl: If it was up to me, I wouldn't be wearing any clothes, if it weren't for gravity. –Sybil's, Liberty Ave, Queens Overheard by: Terrence 20-something girl to friend: So I chased after him, but I was naked…so how far could I go? –Brooklyn Promanade