Thug: I love you because when I'm with you I feel like I'm Barack Obama and you're Hillary Clinton. –N Train All-black-wearing chick with cigarette: Do you ever find yourself thinking really conservative thoughts by accident? –Outside International Affairs Building, Columbia University Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy Subway crazy: Rip Torn for president! Denny McLain for Secretary of State! –Uptown 6 Train Girl with baby in her arms: You know, he taped an Obama poster on his door and I was like, "Oh no, you didn't put that up." 'cause he don't know nothing about politics. Hell, he a felon…he can't even vote. –East Village Urban Outfitters Five-year-old boy pointing at a sidewalk mural of Hillary and Obama: Mom, look, Hillary! (long pause) And some guy. –106th & Broadway Overheard by: Kip Grumpy old man: Things have been going downhill since the Wilson administration. –70th & Columbus Overheard by: Devoted Puppy