Crazy guy with black Labrador (angrily): Why didn't you say anything? I thought you were my friend. –3rd & Sullivan Overheard by: Sizzle Middle aged Rastafari to Labrador: This isn't a chew toy, motherfucker! –Central Park West Overheard by: Sarah Man to small puppy: You're so round and furry, aren't you Oscar? You're like a Mexican! –Fordham Road Old lady with tiny dog: Sparky, I really don't want to be in here. –PETCO, Union Square Overheard by: Ave Woman to dog: Oh, rolling onto your back again, are you? Just like the slutty girl at prom… –Extra Virgin Restaurant, The Village Overheard by: wink (crazy hobo walks up to little girl's dog and picks it up)
Crazy homeless man (shouting in the dog's face): I would name you snowball, but you're brown! –Tompkins Square Park