Girl on cell: Wait, so you're telling me this guy has a Mohawk and he doesn't drink? –Lower East Side Girl to boyfriend, excitedly: I haven't washed my hair in weeks! –Waverly & Broadway Overheard by: MC Girl to finance boyfriend: No, really, it's okay that you like to gel your hair. –Outside Tavern on the Green South Carolina girl: In South Carolina we would call your haircut a mullet, but since you have gel in it, it's called "Long Island hair." –Hell's Kitchen Hipster girl on cell: You know your hair is too long when it gets caught in your armpits. –Central Park Angry man on cell: That mole! With the hair growing out of it! –62nd b/w Lexington & 3rd Overheard by: Laïla Older woman (after cast runs off naked): I was looking, and I was glad to see that all of the women had hair down there. –Delacorte Theater, Hair Intermission Overheard by: Musicn3rd