Waiter delivering German chocolate cake (deadpan): Sieg heil! –Junior's, Shubert Alley Overheard by: Anne Frank 80-something Jewish grandmother to shocked-looking teenage granddaughter: And your grandfather came here from Germany when the Nazis came to power. And I met him at a party and we got married and had your mother. So in other words, young lady, you owe your life to Adolf Hitler. –The Jewish Museum Female passer-by: She thought "Adolf Hitler" was a book by Mein Kampf! –110 & Broadway Overheard by: Matthew Krenz Guy to coworker: You just missed some guy comparing our guest sign-in policy to Hitler's final solution. –Coles Gym, NYU Guy on cell: I'm not saying that others are Nazi supporters, I'm just saying Hillary Clinton does not support Nazis. Or their supporters. –Virgin Megastore, Times Square Overheard by: about to support one