Cute queer to hot Asian friend: I would rather have you drive drunk and stay at a friend's place in Manhattan then take a cab back to Jersey. –Manhattan Professor: For Muslims, the afterlife is more real to them than it is to me or you. For them, dying is like…going to New Jersey. Beautiful New Jersey. –Stern Building, NYU Overheard by: Emily Trashy girl (knocking on door of a convenience store that just closed): Yo, let me in! I just want to buy a Heineken before I go back to New Jersey! –W 108th & Amsterdam Ave Overheard by: MR Construction worker to people exiting PATH station: You're from Jersey! You should be happy! –Vesey St & Church St 20-something on cell: I'm at Penn station and there are so many guidos and guidettes on their way back to Jersey. Watching them is like watching babies stuck in a McDonald's ball pit. –Penn Station NJ Transit worker: You'd be surprised how many honest people there are in New Jersey. –Port Authority Bus Terminal Overheard by: Jersey Girl Conductor: This is a Jersey bound Q train. Oh shiiiiit. –Brooklyn Bound Q Train Overheard by: office peon