Crazy hobo outside strip club: Good morning! (girl ignores him) I said "Good morning!" (girl keeps walking, not looking at him) Fine! I take it back! –Broadway & 53rd St Overheard by: JoBell Bag lady to tourists: Hey, people! Welcome to New York City! Can you buy me a hot dog? –Wall Street Hobo: Hey! Can I borrow fifty million dollars for the weekend?! –14th St Hobo on train: Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please! My name is Al, but you can caaaaaaaaalllllll me…homeless. –L Train Homeless guy: Hi everyone, my name is Eddie. Some people call me Homeless Ed, or Homeless for short. I know some of you hate homeless people. I didn't use to be homeless. I had a house, a job, and even a girlfriend. And my girlfriend had a girlfriend, so here I am. –Uptown F Train Lispy overweight hobo: Hey, sweetie! If I do some scenes from Days of Our Lives, will you help me out with two dollars? –W 8th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Emily B.