Little kid looking out subway window: Look mom! The projects! –N Train Overheard by: patricia Three-year-old girl to mom looking at a painting: Why am I so biiiggggg? –Brooklyn Museum Overheard by: alison Little boy, whining to his mother while following her the wrong way through IKEA: We're never going to get out of here! –IKEA, Brooklyn Overheard by: Lost In Space Small child: Look at that pigeon, mommy, I want to eat it! –Central Park Overheard by: Natalie Two-year-old girl (shaking her ass): Hubba hubba! –Central Park Little boy: Mommy! Let's go look at the hos now! –Museum of Natural History, Native American Exhibit Pudgy Asian kid standing in circle of sitting summer campers: The capital of Thailand is Bangkok! Who wants a tea bag? –Brooklyn College Overheard by: Thaibag