Guy walking to rehearsal: I mean, he's really cute in that way that makes you want to hit him with a desk. –Steinhardt Building, NYU Middle school girl (about poster for condoms): Ewwww, at least they could've put cute gay guys! –Q train Overheard by: Robert Vapid high school chick: Oh my god, I just found out that he's actually dating a freshman. And not even one of the cute ones either…she's like, brown. –Central Park Obviously gay boy screaming into cell: Jeremy, why the fuck didn't you tell me the massage therapist you sent me to does erotic massage? All I wanted was a place to relax! (pause) Yeah, halfway through he started jacking me off! (pause) Seriously? He never did that to you? (pause) Don't be offended. You're cute. He just could probably tell I have a big dick and couldn't keep his hands off it. –Broadway & 20th St Dude to friends: Did I tell you guys about the girl that I hooked up with the other night? She totally looked like a beaver… (awkward silence) …but I mean a really cute beaver. –Ace Bar, 5th St b/w Ave A & Ave B Overheard by: Santa's Boy Toy Girl on cell: Tim's cute, I just wish he didn't love Jesus so much. –N Train