Festering pedestrian: Well, he didn't mention my name at the Tonys, and for that I'll never forgive him. –43rd St & 10th Ave Overheard by: Ryan Producer of an unsuccessful off-Broadway play: That's what this show makes me do. Everyday I get here and just squeeze my neck just like this, I just squeeze it. I don't do this anywhere else. –Chelsea Theater Overheard by: Kyle Audience member to friend: Of course it sucks. It's Shakespeare. —Macbeth Performance, Battery Park Hipster guy: I think this play is by the same guy who wrote Ten Things I Hate about You –NYCL Production of Shakespeare's Cymbeline, Central Park Overheard by: digamma Hipster girl: Last time I was in the third row, but I think I like these better. At least I won't get my head humped tonight. —Hair Performance, Delacorte Theatre Teenybopper at intermission: Joe Jonas would make such an incredible bodega guy! –Richard Rodgers Theatre