Fireman on loudspeaker, as he drives by Magnolia Bakery in fire truck: It's just a cupcake! –11th & Bleecker Overheard by: Chris Disappointed 20-something girl to girlfriends: Yeah, but they don't have chocolate covered penises there. –Bleecker St Overheard by: Brookelyn Large Italian guy: What happened to my tiramisu? That's what I want to know! –LIRR to Penn Station Girl covered in pink frosting on cell: There's frosting all over me! –170th & Broadway Overheard by: Poogins Hipster guy on cell: Yeah, so the food was like chocolate and chorizo…mother fucking chocolate and chorizo… No, it was good… You should try it… Why not? Fuck veganism! Some website… Myjambi. M-y-j-a-m-b-i. Why chocolate? How should I know? It's for the website. Yes, the website! I don't know why the dog was there. –28th & Park Old woman to overweight woman: You look like you would know the answer to this… Where is a cupcake bakery around here? –53rd & 3rd