Man in elevator on cell: Yeah. That's what I'm paying for, right? Next time just make sure it's a male to female. –Elevator, Chelsea Staten Island man to son: Okay, you have to be careful here. And don't touch any of the pretty ladies: the prettier they are, the more likely it's a man. –1st & Houston Middle aged woman to friend: Every morning I wake up and think I look more and more like Mrs Doubtfire. –Union Square Overheard by: mk Guy in pink spandex to Victorian Gardens employee: Excuse me, where do the trannies hang out? –Central Park Preppy chick to friends: Did I ever tell you guys about the tranny I slept with? –19th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Well-Dressed Indian Boy Mom, in motherly voice, to crying four-year-old: Aww, what's the matter, did the little transvestite scare you? –2nd & 72nd Overheard by: Nancy