30-something guy to another: She works for Sesame Street so she gets a lot of free underwear. –Brooklyn Label, Greenpoint Girl: Yeah, dude. She wasn't wearing any underwear so everyone was trying to pull down her skirt! –St. Mark's Place Overheard by: Mollie Tourist mom in matching pink jumpsuit, struggling with too many children: Oh my Jesus, I wore the wrong thong today! –42nd St Overheard by: Emily Puzzled hipster on cell: Wait…how did wearing a thong fuck up her eye? –7th St & Ave A Hipster girl on cell: Did you get your underwear? Lindsey! Goddamn it! "Eat" sounds nothing like "get!" Fuck! What? Fuck you, bitch! Taste of my own medicine, bullshit! I heard nothing about gnawing on my own underwear! –Baskin-Robbins, Mulberry Overheard by: Hana Very blond mother pushing baby carriage, on cell: I don't care, we've talked about this! Don't fucking touch my underwear! –20th St & 7th Ave