Teen girl: The teacher was like, "Everybody did well on the oral part, that's a good thing, because I hadn't thought it was too long or hard." And then a kid in the back shouted, "That's what she said!" –Times Square Teen girl, after being hugged by two boys: Okay, which one of you fingered me? –Outside Queens Center Mall Overheard by: disgusted educator on bus Teen on cell: Stuff? What the hell? Wait, stuff and things? What the fuck, man?! –Grand Central Overheard by: Quippy Pasqual Teenage boy: Every time you type "lol" a baby gets kicked in the head. –150th & Columbus Teen girl on cell: Why you always call me "ghetto?" I'm not ghetto. (long pause) Okay, I am! But I can't help it! –Park Avenue Overheard by: taylor Teen punk girl on phone: Yeah, I kinda got to third in a dumpster… No! No, it was a clean dumpster! –St Mark's & 2nd