Teenybopper: I was going to see Legally Blonde, but then I threw up in Kmart twice. –Delacourte Theater, before Hair Overheard by: Morgan Girl to another: It's easy–you just put your finger down your throat and you vomit! –Union Square Park Overheard by: Sarah Guy on laptop to woman sitting next to him: Sorry if I make throw-up noises, no offense. –Penn Station, NJ Transit Overheard by: altaatlantic Girl on cell: Oh my god. Like if that meal wasn't so expensive, I would have thrown it up! –3rd Ave & 8th St Overheard by: rachel Teenage girl on payphone: Ma? Hey ma? Hold on. (vomits) I'm throwing up! (vomits some more) I *said* I'm (vomits a third time) throwing up. I'm done now. What? –Wilson Ave, Bushwick Overheard by: Sarah Booz Girl to friend, while smoking: So there I was, puking…and they started to have sex! –Third and Long Bar