Chica on cell: He was just white. Like, a white guy. Except Puerto Rican. –Park Terrace West, Inwood Overheard by: Gringo Starr Puerto Rican thug to another, both wearing Puerto Rican flag bandanas as face masks: White people better get used to us. There be like 80 billion of us in the world… Or maybe 8 thousand of us…at least. –F Train Overheard by: Brent Teen on cell: Wait, you're in Puerto Rico? I'll be right there, that's by Chinatown, right? What do you mean it's an island? Like Staten Island? How the fuck did you get there? –Colombus Circle Overheard by: Graham Davis JAP on phone: He called me a clingy JAP! How fucking low! I could've easily pulled the "you're-a-Puerto-Rican-from-Staten-Island" card. –92nd & 5th Guy (shouting): Hey guys! You like Puerto Ricans?! –Times Square Overheard by: CytoFox Dad on scooter with eight-year-old girl: I don't want to hear that… Don't fuckin' push me, Joanna! You are not black, you are Puerto Rican! –Flatbush & Fulton Overheard by: Chelsea

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