Ghetto mother to obnoxiously loud child: Stop it! Stop it! I said stop it! Oooh, girl I am gonna sell yo ass for a Lexus and a mansion if you don't stop! –L Train Mother to small child lagging behind: Do you want to go home with another family? –South St Seaport Overheard by: shopgirl Grandmother to small grandson: You went potty, Nietzsche? That's very good. Nana is coming over later, Nietzsche. –Carl Schurz Park Mother, to kid peeing on street: Michael, we don't pee on other people's doors! –Central Park West Overheard by: Nikki Mother, to kid looking at toys: It's not a toilet, it's to make cupcakes. –Toys "R" US, Times Square Overheard by: Howie Father, to five-year-old son: I had no idea you liked AC/DC! –Penn Station Mother, to son in stroller watching two shady characters: Oh, a drug deal! Sam*, your first drug deal encounter. –81st & Amsterdam Overheard by: andrew daly