Woman: So my friend was going to vote for Obama, but now, since her boyfriend is from, like, Alaska, she's going to vote for McCain instead. –Store, 2nd Ave Woman to friend: Joe says he weighs 145 but he's a Republican. You can't trust anything he says. –Pinetree Lodge, 35th & 1st Hobo on street corner: Vote for McCain. Get nuclear rockets shot up your ass and eat moose burgers all day! –W 3rd & MacDougal St Overheard by: Matt 60-something woman dressed like teenybopper, talking about Sarah Palin on cell: She proves you can be pretty and smart. She's more than a bulldog in a pantsuit; she's like Alaska Barbie! –Penn Station Yuppie dad to whiny daughter: Barack Obama doesn't like it when his daughters whine. –Caroll Gardens Middle-aged, white man on cell: Do not call me at this number again. Never call me at this number again. Listen, if you call me at this number again I will, in fact, vote for John McCain. –Tea Lounge, Cobble Hill