Conductor: Please throw away your newspapers and garbage in the trash cans on station platforms and know that the trash cans can only hold two human bodies at a time. –LIRR New York Post guy: New York Post! Free New York Post! (hands huge stack of papers to passerby) Thanks, brother. Just throw the rest in the trash can down the block. –40th & 6th Carriage driver to horse: You see that chestnut? That's called "Eurotrash." –Central Park South Overheard by: Andy Giant old man to screaming and jumping children: You look like Garbage Pail Kids. Stop it. –Madison & Nostrand, Brooklyn Overheard by: g Conductor: Please place anyone who has become garbage en route in the appropriate receptacle. –R Train Overheard by: Jess Woman walking down the street with a small bag of garbage: Fuck it. (drops bag of garbage nonchalantly, keeps walking) –W 19th