Korean girl to white guy: Why do you find it necessary to squint your eyes when you do an Asian impression? –L Train Overheard by: john.ainley White girl to friends: And then a ninjician pulled a chopstick out of her ear! –Veniero's Pastry Shop Overheard by: Amy Asian chick: Asians are obsessed with analyzing poop. –Max Restaurant, Tribeca Overheard by: Shringle Woman begging for change: Can I get some quarters? (pause) My cousin-in-law is Chinese. Come on! –52nd & Lexington Overheard by: NMT Asian woman, after sneezing: Just cuz I'm a sneezin' Asian don't mean I got SARS. –Port Authority Bus Terminal Overheard by: CNaughty White girl on cell: Okay, I'm going to sound crazy, but there's this Asian guy in one of my classes…and he looks just like Ashley…and I just want to run up and say "Can I take a picture of you? Because you look just like my black girlfriend!" –Dorm Building, Cooper Union