Teen girl, calmly: My nigga, I only got one car, and I need that car to kill my momma. –125th & 5th Overheard by: Caroline Loud Eastern European man to older guy: If I get you car, you get me woman. Woman for fucking! (gestures a jackhammer motion) –Union Square Overheard by: BK Surprised woman: $15,000? Tonya! For $15,000 you could've bought a car, gone to a psychologist and finally learned how to drive! –Park Ave & 39th St Girl on cell: He drove his truck into the pool. No…he drove his truck into the pool. So, I just hope it's not because he was doing something stupid. –Barnes & Noble, Union Square Overheard by: Pretty Sure He Was Doing Something Stupid Man on bike on cell: There ain't no peanut butter in the car. –West 4th & Sullivan St. Overheard by: Anna P. Screaming guy, sticking head out of cab during traffic jam: Fucking three inches per hour! –Greene St, SoHo Overheard by: seb