Young woman to another: I've done some soul searching. I'm now willing to believe it's not butter. –Park Ave & E. 79th Overheard by: andy Annoying lady to worker who apparently mishandled her food: Apologize to the sandwich! –Subway, Brighton Beach Overheard by: Robert Chick on cell: I try to eat as many acidic things as possible since I have a very creamy nature. –35th & 7th Girl on cell: Girrrrllll…he was meltin' me like butter last night. –Bedford Ave & N 5th Overheard by: Marleni College guy: All molds are not created equal! Think about yogurt, man, it's all frickin mold! –Columbia College Walk Would-be CIA student on cell: Yeah, so I think my interview at the CIA went well. I think I'll really like it there. (notices people around him) …the Culinary institute of America! (everyone smiles) –80th & Broadway Overheard by: Roth Hall