Big black crossdresser: Oh honey, I know that no amount of surgery is going to make me a diva! –3 Train Overheard by: Kailee McMahon Mother to small daughter: Honey, don't forget to wash your hands. (girl scrubs hands for a long time) Honey, you aren't getting ready to perform surgery. Hurry up. –Women's Bathroom, The Met Man: He had to have his top hat surgically removed. –Union Square Overheard by: Kevin Intern: Latex gloves are for killing people, surgery and dying your hair. –1501 Broadway Overheard by: Randi Loud woman on phone: Yeah, he got his tubes clipped this weekend. He's been fixed! Oh, but don't tell anyone, he doesn't want anybody to know. –Dunkin Donuts Girl on cell: How did teaching go? How was the surgery? Did human skin taste good? –Columbia University Overheard by: The Poogtastic One