Professor, to deaf student's interpreter: Do you deal with "fuck" and "shit" and all that? –Pratt Institute Mother to bickering daughters: Let me tell you something: you two bags are the only motherfuckers I got left! –21st St & 35th Ave, Astoria Overheard by: Daniel Boris Dzula Young woman in burqa on cell: And Jesus Christ! What the fuck was that bitch thinking? –Brooklyn Overheard by: ABrooklynBaby'sNanny Girl on cell: And he said, "I am trying to learn here!" and I said, "fuck you!" –112 & Broadway Overheard by: Nathan Hobo: I was in Nantucket when I lost my bucket! Then I said, "fuck it!" –Union Square Overheard by: Stacy Woman crying to friend: I don't want to do the fucking SAG Awards! –Bryant Park