Tourist lady on cell: Well, the last I heard she wasn't even sure what her relationship with Jesus is anymore. –Starbucks, 42nd & 8th Annoyed dressed-up girl to friend: I mean, I'm not hating on Jesus. It's just that he's not my man like he's your man. I don't hop into bed with him every night! –25th St & 7th Ave Woman walking by street dancers: By the dangling testes of Christ on the cross! –Columbus Circle Overheard by: Lauren Curly-haired chick: You've found *other* people's fatal flaws–baggage, Jesus, etcetera. –Columbia University Overheard by: Poogins NYU student: Well, you know things always get complicated when Jesus comes into the picture. –Cooper Square Controversial professor: Does anyone have anything nice to say about Jesus, that poor son of a bitch? –Columbia University