Elderly woman sipping wine: Three girls and one guy? Sounds like a good time! –Queens Overheard by: amused cashier Dude on cell: Hey bro, whatcha doing? Oh, yeah? What about your friend, does he like doing that? Does he like it a lot? Do you think I can come over? Well, then we can all do that together, a lot. (sees people looking at him) I'll talk to you later, bro. –Church St Post Office Overheard by: deshaunicus Serious girl: And then they asked for a three-way, but a tasteful one. –15th St & 5th Ave Middle aged woman to friend: I just got this bike seat but I have to return it. I was riding around on it yesterday and when I woke up this morning, I felt like I'd been gang-banged by the Pittsburgh Steelers. –Bike Shop, 12th St & Ave B 20-something chick: I am *so* over threesomes. There's just too much going on! –Weight Room, Coles Gym Overheard by: M.F. White chick in sundress: I'm too naive for their kind of orgies. –Dallas BBQ, 165th & Broadway Overheard by: Ladle Drunk guy at bar: I have to pee, but first I have one word for you: threesome. –Crocodile Lounge