Large black lesbian to friends going into a sex shop: I don't wanna see no dildos unless I'm being fucked! –Greenwich Village Overheard by: J.D. Mormon girl, loudly agreeing with friend: Yeah, I know, I know! I didn't even know what a dildo was until I got here! Like, freshman year! –Outside Lerner Hall, Columbia University Overheard by: But what about a vibrator? Loudest black girl in group of loud black teens: What I recommend, to every fuckin' nigga, is the vibratin' cock ring. –14th St, Outside Urban Outfitters Overheard by: Now curious about cockrings Loud tourist girl: But Susan's butt-plug was only $75. –Orchard & Rivington Overheard by: MattyB Man with thick Brooklyn accent on cell: I got the thing…yes the fuckin thing for the thing…yes, but I'm tellin' you the fuckin thing is definitely not big enough for her. –31st St & 7th Ave 30-something woman to friend: So, between the time I got back from the meeting and the time you called me, I used my vibrator three times. (pauses and realizes everyone on the train is listening) Oh. Did I say that really loudly? –D Train