Employee: I was eatin' with my fried Okra and I vomited all over your fetus…and that's why you're so ugly. –The Strand Bookstore Overheard by: Dazzle Girl on cell: Oh, please! That bitch is ugly and her cooch probably smells too, he can have her! Because I don't need him or his greasy ass head or pencil dick. (pause) What? Oh, fuck you also! (hangs up and storms off) –Columbus Circle Overheard by: Rich Serious gay black man on phone: Oh, please honey…there are just so many ugly white women in Europe…it's got to be something in the water! –45th & 8th Ave Overheard by: Culturally Challenged 20-something guy on cell: She ain't the prettiest bitch, but she got these crazy little hands. –Throop & Macon, Bedford-Stuyvesant Overheard by: elephantgiraffe Hipster girl: I have ugly friends. I just don't hang out with them on weekends. –McCarren Park Pool Overheard by: I don't hang out with ugly people Attractive tween to friends: And then Lindsay's aunt came into the bathroom to comfort us and said, "pretty people always get blamed for things ugly people do." –W 65th St. & Columbus Ave