Cop to another: So she said, "see ya later, alligator." To which I retorted, "in a while, crocodile." –Cunningham Park, Queens Girl on cell: That was the day I woke up with the pigeon in my bed! –Christopher St Law school chick, stopping and staring at pigeon in her path: You go girl! –East Village Girl on intercom: Llama needed at the Oyster Bar ramp for a spill! –Grand Central Suit to friend: I mean, I don't understand. If people really want to pay like $30,000 to hunt them, I don't see what the problem is. –Bronx Zoo Curly grey-haired middle aged crafty lady: If you let them have sex with goats, they'll leave children alone! –Crafts Fair, Red Hook Fairway Overheard by: Myrtle & Carlton