Woman on cell: I didn't take a bath with your dog! –Long Island Railway Overheard by: Jeff Smug girl to gaggle: No, these are my period pants. My mom washed them for me! –Columbia University Overheard by: bih. Very loud crackhead to nobody in particular: Today is great day…I got my pussy washed and I got new crutches. –14th St Overheard by: Cuttie Middle aged man to another: I miss seeing my wife do squats while cleaning the tub. –Central Park Loop Overheard by: Nick Kinling Woman with awful red lipstick: I am too lazy to shower. Ooh! Did I tell you I discovered dry shampoo? –Broadway & 112th Overheard by: do us a favor and bathe Teenage girl to another: I don't know what the fuck he's talking about…I wash my titties everyday with Lever2000. –D Train Overheard by: Derrick Walker