Angry suit chick on phone: No, I am your second bitch, but I still love you! –41st St & 3rd Ave Overheard by: That guy has his hands full Cute activist girl, after extended conversation about Kwame Kilpatrick: I mean, you can't just kill a bitch and expect no one to notice! –LaGuardia Airport NYU sudent: She's like one of those fabulous bitches though, you know? –NYU Dorm Overheard by: Me too Honey Guy on cell: A dog show, like where you pick up bitches! –23rd Ave, Queens Overheard by: Xavier College student to friend: I really want to bump into him. Condescending comes across so much better in person. (pause) And I can't wait to be a sarcastic bitch! –6 Train Overheard by: Pola Ex-con to group of friends: I don't mean shit to a bitch! (looks over at a terrified hipstergirl next to him. He takes off his hat) I mean. I have very little value to most ladies. –C Train Overheard by: Tim Roth