Girl #1: What do you think?
Girl #2: Oh! He's kind of cute…except he looks kind of like a serial killer. –Le Royale, West Village Overheard by: Pierre Pierre Headline by: Elise Runners-Up:
· “Bloodstains Will Do That” – benji
· “Exactly What the Dexter Ads Were Aiming For” – Peter
· “Gossip Between Jurors at the Ted Bundy Trial” – ted bundy
· “OMG! If He Asks Me Out, I’ll Just Die!” – juls
· “The Hockey Mask Is a Nice Touch, Though.” – Sandy Paws
· “To Be Fair, She Said That About Almost Every Guy Tammy Set Her Up With Who Happened to Have a Swatstika Tattoo on His Forehead” – Rebecca Loeser
· “What With the Clown Make-up and All” – BabakganoosH
· “Why Girls Like Cats” – lucyconnuk
· “You Know, Kind Of a Lady Killer Type, Ya Know?” – c
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