Woman on cell: I have to get home so I can put away the b-o-n-g. –19th & Broadway Overheard by: Kyle Man in light green suit with orange-red gators: Read the bible tonight. Don't smoke that Scooby Doobie Doo. Don't get high tonight! –125th & Lenox Overheard by: Plausible Young hipster: So I said, "Mom, did you smoke with me?" –Central Park Reservoir Angry girlfriend to boyfriend: Okay, so you don't want me smoking pot, you don't want me smoking cigarettes or cloves, you don't want me chewing gum and now you don't like lollipops? So tell me, Peter, what can I put in my mouth that's okay with you? –L Train Overheard by: It's me, bitches. Teacher: Steve*, I need to talk to your pot dealer, because the stuff you're smoking is really good. –Cooper Union Overheard by: me too Guy talking on blue tooth: I should be there in about 45 minutes. (pause) Yeah, I'm serious! (pause) Look. I got an idea for ya. Why don't you go roll a big fat blunt, smoke it until you can't see anymore and then I'll be there. Alright? Bye. –8th Ave & 27th St Overheard by: Erica Friedman Girl: I mean honestly, who at NYU doesn't smell like weed? –Washington Square Park