Guy eating pancakes: Everything's funny in retrospect, like the time I got that screwdriver stuck in my eye. –IHOP, Brooklyn Ancient Greek civilization professor: A sexual act, in some sense, for an observer is funny. –Hunter College Crazy lady: All the prostitutes need to be rounded up and stuck in churches! (teen girl laughs) You think that's funny? It's not gonna be funny when you are in a hospital addicted to crack! –Water St & Broad St Girl to her friend: Wouldn't it be funny if human beings could only walk forward and backwards? –8th St & 2nd Ave Lady sitting with girlfriends: It's funny because I'm pregnant, and he doesn't know. –Starbucks Drunken Jets fan to friends in Jets jerseys: That's not funny. You want to see something funny? (grabs wooden signpost, slams forehead into it) That's funny! –W 4th & Barrow Overheard by: jira monkey