Tween girl: No, it's "Yiddish"! "Yiddish," not "ribbit." –Penn Station Overheard by: ragnvaeig 20-something girl to older friend: No, no… "ghetto" is just slang–it's not a real word. –PATH Train Guy on cell: Yo. (pause) Yo, yo. (pause) Yo, yo. (pause) Yo, yo, yo. –Pacific St & Atlantic Ave Overheard by: jayloo Guy to another, who has obviously caused him some emotional strife: I just don't understand why you had to did me so dirty. –Hudson River Park Teenage boy: But I ain't know where was them talkin' about it! (teenage friend nods sympathetically) –Downtown 6 Train Girl to guy: It must be your manstinct. (pause) Not ya manstink! –Central Park