Conductor: Hey, partner, can we go? (static) We can't? Why the heck not? Hey, moron, get your ass in here! You're holding up a bunch of wonderful people! Wonderful New York commuters who don't need this kind of fucking bullshit at 3 on a Friday afternoon! (static) Yes, you! Keep pointing at yourself and my answer will keep being… Yes, it's you! Goddammit, get in the fucking train! I hate dealing with this! (long pause) You know what, make a decision: either cram your Rosie O'Donnell ass in or get the fuck out! Oh, look, he's in! (slow, sarcastic applause) Partner, we can bounce up on out of here now. –1 Train Overheard by: Train Wreck Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, for the next 250 years there will be track work on weekends. Don't say that no one told you. –R Train Overheard by: Mezz Conductor: If you don't fit on this train kindly wait for the next B. (doors close) That was excellent, ladies and gentlemen, if you keep this up, we'll all be home really soon. –B Train Conductor, looking forward to the end of his shift: All right folks, this is your 6:07 train to New Haven stopping at 125th, then express to Stamford. We're off… (makes clippy-clop noises) Neeiiigghh! –Metro-North Train Overheard by: Amused passenger Conductor: This is 125th Street, may the force be with you, next stop 86th Street. –4 Train Overheard by: Luke Skywalker Conductor, after train goes through stop: Whoops! My bad. My bad. –G Train Overheard by: El David Conductor, after train stops: Ladies and gentlemen, there is train traffic up ahead. We'll start moving as soon… (train starts moving) Oh, well, I guess that's cleared up. Weee! –Downtown A Train Overheard by: Duncan Pflaster