Chunky lady to skinny friend who ordered a Diet Coke: Bitch, I will slap the shit out of you with this pizza…I'll eat it, too. I don't even care. –14th St b/w 3rd & 4th Ave Wasted guy, placing order: A slice of pizza on the rocks. –1st Ave & 20th St Overweight Paris Hilton wannabe, loudly on cell: No, the food wasn't like, out of this world, like what I'm used to. No…not really. I'd say more like a touch of Greece–with maybe Turkish or Egyptian. I mean, it's almost impossible to find a good slice of pizza in the city nowadays. –Crowded LIRR Train Overheard by: CV little girl to parents: I like mine with salt, pepper and bone. –La Rocca's Pizzaria, Staten Island Overheard by: Dawn D. Female suit to friends: Oh no, I can't. I save my pizza binge-eating for when I'm drunk. –Ave of the Americas Overheard by: Duncan Pflaster Tourist: Oooh, there's a really good pizza place down here somewhere, Sbarro. –Basement, Rockefeller Center Overheard by: pop pop Six-year-old to friends: We should have an Obama pizza party! –Park Slope