Girl: We can't become gay just to fit in at this school! –NYU Passer-by: I pay $40k a year for school, and that makes me better than you. –NYU, Tisch Overheard by: Dan Lurie NYU girl at party: My parents are actually really into civil liberties. –NYU Dorm NYU chick to friend: I love coke! (passing white lady gives her a strange look) I meant the drink, not the drug, lady! Jeez, I'm a minority student at fucking NYU! You think I can afford a coke habit?? –8th & University Overheard by: Melissa Perez Gay NYU student, rolling around on the ground in student lounge: I am obsessed with the ground. I mean, who's going to judge me? There's like six million Asians here and none of them are gay. –Tisch Hall, NYU Mother, pushing crying two-year-old in stroller: They're never going to accept you here if you keep screaming! –NYU Admissions Overheard by: Sam