Middle aged lady on cell: Lots of people say Dallas is really nice. Lots of nice people, nice weather. What do you have against it?" (pause) That was in '63! –M79 Party girl to cool guy: Why can't you let me be nice? I'm not nice to anyone. –77th & York Ave Overheard by: UES Suit Flamboyantly gay guy to crowd of girls at Pinkberry: You know, I was just trying to do something nice, and this is how you treat me? Fuck y'all, I'm gonna be the next President. (storms off) –St. Mark's Overheard by: scarface Garbage man to another: Man, Attica is the best prison. High class. That shit is nice! –81st & Amsterdam Overheard by: eliza Suit on cell: I wonder what his wife is like. She's probably nice, but rich. You know what I mean. –2nd Ave & 88th St Woman on cell: Nice people just can't tell if they're pregnant. –W Houston & Varick Overheard by: courtney messer