Man handing out New York Post: New York Post! If you're illiterate, only 75 cents! If you only lookin at pictures, 50 cents! –6th Ave & W 8th St Overheard by: lady v Man selling cotton candy: Get your cotton candy here! Cotton candy! I got your all-natural blue fibers of sugar right here! Straight from the blue cotton fields of…Virginia! Cotton candy, here! –Shea Stadium Street perfume seller to browser: You like Vera Wang, princess? This is genuine Wang. –34th & 6th Overheard by: Weary Communter Street vendor: Hey, where are you ladies from? (two teenage girls walk by) Oh, that's cool, that's cool, I think I have a friend that lives there! –7th & 40th Overheard by: Tiffany AM New York guy: Sir, would you like a paper this morning? No? No? (shakes head and looks at the ground) I don't care. (pause) It's okay, I don't care. –145th & St. Nich Overheard by: sorry charlie Fake purse salesman: Gucci makes the coochie go woo woo! –Times Square