College girl looking for a costume: I want to be a bumblebee–but not a slutty bumblebee! –Ricky's, Near Columbia Overheard by: M Suit on cell: Just put a paper bag over your head and you can be that guy! You're the paper bag guy! –Sheepshead Bay Road (on Halloween) Young child to mother, after walking by a large group of people in zombie make-up: Mommy, that homeless man said he wanted to eat brains! –St. Mark's Place Overheard by: Blair Girl in Supergirl costume, yelling on cell: I'm so sick of walking. (pause) I said I'm fucking sick of walking! (pause) I'm just dressed like Supergirl, you asshole, I can't *actually* fly! –E 20th, Stuyvesant Town Loud young Latina on Halloween: I wanted to be a hooker today, but I couldn't afford the costume. –Troutman & Knickerbocker, Bushwick Girl to another (dressed as Wilma Flintstone the morning after Halloween): Man, the Halloween walk of shame is the worst! –33rd & 3rd