Tourist, before getting into purse-filled van: Aw shit, what did I just say? I said I was not getting into any strange vans today. –Canal & Lafayette Pseudo-knowledgeable tourist: It's so strange that they have turnstiles that go both ways, you know, ones that let you go in and out in the same turnstile. Every other subway station I've been in in New York has ones for entering and different ones for exiting. –5th Ave E Station Overheard by: Colleen French tourist (with American accent) to French friends: Stand clear of the closing doors, please. (French tourists bust up laughing) –1 Train Overheard by: kdub 30-something female tourist heading to subway: I prefer the Sex and the City version of New York. –Union Square Overheard by: E-Love Old woman tourist: Geez, you'd think they'd be a little more optimistic at the United Nations. –United Nations Teenage British boy tourist to the rest of his family, as they pass a souvenir shop: Oh! This must be where Tim got that "I heart New York" shirt! (whole family excitedly goes into the store) –Fulton St