Guy on cell: But baby, it's a full body workout, depending on the position. –Pratt Campus Jogger on phone: I gotta stay in shape, you know? I'm not getting any younger. Even though the guys I graduated with look worse than I do. –Marine Park, Brooklyn Overheard by: wantsoutof_bklyn Older lady to young male athletic facility employee: Do you have big balls? Exercise balls? I want bigger balls than you have there. –NYU Palladium Athletic Facility, 140 E 14th St Overheard by: JohnB Large smoking man with burrito and Margarita: I can never work out, I'm too drunk all the time! –Blockheads Overheard by: how do you live? Sassy black lady: Daaaamn! You're making me walk all the way to 45th Street? –42nd St Large Latina on cell: So I grabbed the baby and said "Kali! She likes this!" and started doing squats. –Prospect Park Overheard by: Russel